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How to Make Your Church Hum - 2. Pray Much

“Without Me, you can do nothing”.   Jesus Christ (John 15:5)

The most crucial step to making the church hum is ensuring you do God’s will. How do you measure this? With prayer, Biblical principles, and success. Prayer is not just a tool; it's a direct line to God. You can discern God's will for your leadership and the church through prayer. Ask him what he wants of you, and then carry out what the Holy Spirit makes you feel is right.

A church is like a machine. Yes, it needs to be constantly maintained and improved to run more smoothly, but it cannot run in the first place without power. If you and the congregation are not right with God, you are not even a church—just the shell of one. It is the Holy Spirit that equips the church.

When times feel desperate, pray. When times feel high, pray. Pray always and pray sincerely. Do not look for what you want. Search for what God wants. He is the One who supplies the church with its leaders and the gifts necessary for service.

These posts are summaries of the out of print book "How to Make Your Church Hum" by Paul Powell. This was one of Tommy Higle's favorite books on church leadership.

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