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How to Make Your Church Hum - 1: Major on the Basics

“The Secret is not in the Play but in the Performance.” - Knute Rockne

As church leaders, mastering the basics is essential. The core principles of church leadership are straightforward: visitation, prayer, and Bible teaching. These are not just tasks but the pillars on which your leadership stands. Great and growing churches all do these fundamentals better than average churches.

The Power of Prayer and Connection

Never take for granted that you can and should go to God for anything and everything. Equally important is ensuring that the entire congregation follows suit. These two practices are the most important pillars of any functioning church. Following God’s guidance in everything you do is crucial. Without it, no matter how well-planned an endeavor, it will not turn out as it should. Constant prayer and scripture study are the only ways to get close to perfection. You can do everything through Him, but you can’t do anything without Him.

Fundamentals Over Flash

Gimmicks, special services, guest appearances, canvassing, and creative methods can complement but never substitute for the Word. These should only be carried out after mastering the fundamentals: prayer, visitation, and Bible teaching. Establish a state and rhythm of constant humility and improvement within yourself. Then, encourage the same within your congregation, from the top down and bottom up. Your flock must adopt a humble mindset before it can truly thrive.

These posts are summaries of the out of print book "How to Make Your Church Hum" by Paul Powell. This was one of Tommy Higle's favorite books on church leadership.

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