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PowerPoint® Answers for Journey Into Debt-free Living

PowerPoint® Answers for Journey Into Debt-free Living

SKU: P4400

Everyone needs to know how to have a “journey into debt-free living" because the number one contributing factor to divorce in the United States is personal debt. It is more of a problem than drugs and alcohol. Other than leading our children to faith in Christ, nothing is as important as what we teach them from God’s Word about managing their money.

This 6-lesson study on personal finance is filled with scriptures that teach about the dangers of debt and ways to successfully manage our money. Lesson titles include: Symptoms of Financial Bondage, Getting the Best Deal on an Automobile, What You Must Teach Your Kids About Money, Ten Commandments for Getting Out of Debt, and Is It Best To Buy or Rent a Home? (Only available in booklet form)

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