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Journey Into Following Jesus (The Disciples)

Journey Into Following Jesus (The Disciples)


In this “journey,” you will get to know each of the twelve disciples and will discover one of them is much like you. By understanding that disciple you can better realize how God can use you to fulfill His purpose for your life. This study reveals how God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

Lesson titles are: Why God Can Use You, Becoming a Great Disciple, Between Two Fires, God’s Stagehand, Controlling Your Anger and Ambition, Becoming More Loving, Feeding Your Faith, Finding God’s Purpose for Your Life, Going From Despicable to Disciple, The Positives of Pessimistic People, When Your Faith Is Shattered, Three Forgotten Disciples, and When You Fail the Lord. Included in this study is a one-page chart of the twelve disciples to be filled out as each disciple is examined. This study can be ordered spiralbound or 3-hole punched. (Available in NIV® or KJV)

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