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Journey To The Cross (Life of Jesus)

Journey To The Cross (Life of Jesus)


This is an exciting, informative study of the life of Jesus Christ. As you study His journey from preexistence to the Cross and beyond, you will gain a working knowledge of His life and ministry. More importantly, with God's help you will be moved to become more like Him.

Journey To The Cross is a harmonistic study of Jesus' life. This means the four gospels are studied in parallel form to provide one continuous story of our Lord's life. Some may think a harmonistic study is confusing because of apparent discrepancies. However, this study makes it clear the gospels are complementary and supplementary, not contradictory.

Anyone completing this study can learn more about Jesus Christ than the average Christian will learn in a lifetime. This 26-lesson study has maps, diagrams, and charts to enhance your ability to understand the life and teachings of our Lord. (Based on the King James Version)

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