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Journey to Standing Strong in an Unstable World (Daniel)

Journey to Standing Strong in an Unstable World (Daniel)


The Book of Daniel contains some of the most famous stories in the Bible. While we learn these stories as children, they are actually written for adults. Daniel and his friends lived as exiles in a society filled with idolatry, corrupt politics, and military conflict. In this way the book speaks directly into today's secular culture. The second half of the book is composed of prophecies that span thousands of years beyond the life of Daniel. These prophecy are cited by Jesus and expanded on by John in Revelation.  Some of these prophecies have be perfectly fulfilled and others will come at the end of the Age. Lesson titles include: Grasping God's Work in the World, When God Puts You Where You Don't Want to Be, Why God's People Preach to a Lost World, Three Facts that Never Fail, What Only God Can Do, What to Flee and What to Find, When the World Seems Out of Control, and more.

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