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Journey to Redemption: A Study of the Book of Ruth

Journey to Redemption: A Study of the Book of Ruth

This is a seven-lesson study of the Book of Ruth. This story of Ruth and Naomi has fascinated readers for thousands of years. Many say it is one of their favorite stories in the Bible. It is certainly one of ours. Here are a few of the reasons we find ourselves drawn to the story in this short book- It is a powerful story about love in multiple dimensions: faith, friendship, community, courtship, and family. It is a literary masterpiece with dialogue, suspense, wordplays, and a plot that is complex but easy to follow. It is a powerful, living example the eternal promise proclaimed in Psalm 130:7 “Let Israel hope in the LORD: for with the LORD there is mercy, and with him is plenteous redemption.” (KJV)

Lesson titles include: God is Always at Work, The Chaos and Tragedy of Grief, Two Lessons for a Godly Life, How God Uses Poverty and Persecution, Staying Strong in the Lord, Embracing Relationships of Refuge, and How to Pursue the Lord's Purposes.

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