Journey Through 2 Corinthians

Journey Through 2 Corinthians


This is a 26-lesson, verse-by-verse study of 2 Corinthians. In this "journey," you will study some of the most famous passages in the Bible. From those, you can learn how to deal with affliction, sorrow, death, and other problems through God’s grace and comfort. Lesson titles  include: Why God Allows Us To Have Serious Problems, When Life Is Tough, Handling a Serious Misunderstanding, How To Be a Great Friend, When You Are Deeply Hurt, How To Embolden Your Christian Life, What Happens When I Die?, Being an Awesome Ambassador for Christ, Restoring Broken Relationships, Giving God’s Way, Winning the Spiritual War, Staying Loyal to Christ, Recognizing False Teachers, Building Up Your Church, etc.  Like all our “journeys,” this study uses exposition plus question and answer format. (Available in ESV® or KJV)


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