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Journey Into Victorious Living - Youth Edition

Journey Into Victorious Living - Youth Edition


Based on Journey Into Victorious Living, this is a seven-lesson youth study of the life of Joseph. Joseph was still a youth when God started using him to change world history. So, he is biblical proof God’s plan for your life begins before you become an adult. Some of the issues addressed in this study are: “Why is life unfair?,” “How do I deal with temptation?,” “How do I find God’s will for my life?,” “How can I be a peacemaker?,” “How can I make good decisions?,” and lots more.


Each lesson is designed to be taught in twenty-five minutes with a graphic-driven PowerPoint® presentation. At the end of each lesson, there are break-out application questions dealing with everyday issues students face. This study is sold only in booklet form. The original study (sold above) makes a great teacher’s book to accompany this student book. (Available in ESV® or KJV)

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