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Journey Into The Spirit World, Revised

Journey Into The Spirit World, Revised



Living as God wants you to in this physical world requires a clear, biblical understanding of the spirit world.

Lesson titles in this 13-lesson study include: The Original Spirit, The Spirit Who Wants To Destroy You, Six Things Satan Doesn't Want You To Know, Getting To Know the Holy Spirit, The Filling, Fruit, and Gifts of the Holy Spirit, What the Bible Teaches About Demons, Two Kinds of Demons and How To Defeat Them, Getting Acquainted with Angels, The Types of Angels, The Ministry of Angels, What Happens When I Die, and Highlights of Heaven.

This "Journey" can be ordered spiralbound or 3-hole punched. (Available in English Standard Version® or King James Version)

***A student edition for youth is now available for this study. Click here for more information.***


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