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Journey into the Kingdom of God (Gospel of Luke)

Journey into the Kingdom of God (Gospel of Luke)


Luke was a Gentile, a physician, an inspired historian, and a missionary. He carefully researched and recorded the life of Jesus (Gospel According to Luke) and the the history of the early church (Acts). His gospel account emphasizes Jesus' declarations about the Kingdom of God. This fast-paced and detailed "journey" goes chapter by chapter through Luke in 26 lessons. Lesson titles include: Preparing the Way of the Lord, Partnering in the Work of the Lord, Can We Trust the Stories about Jesus?, Three Callings When the King Arrives, Responding to Temptation and Rejection, How Jesus Deals with Sinners, The King Describes His Kingdom, The King's Perfect Timing, The King Prepares Us for Ministry, How to Participate in the Kingdom, How to Serve the King with Gladness, and more.

This 26-lesson study may be ordered spiralbound of 3-hole punched. Available in English Standard Version® or King James Version.

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