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Journey Into Stress-free Living (Philippians)

Journey Into Stress-free Living (Philippians)


We all regularly experience many kinds of stress. That's why we need the book of Philippians, which is all about "stress-free living."

Lesson titles in this study include: Three Keys for Stress-free Living, De-stressing Your Relationships, Enjoying Life in the Midst of Adversity, Strangling the Stress of Waiting, How To Curtail Conflict, Attitudes That Annihilate Stress, Becoming a Better Person, Making and Keeping Friends, Stress-free Salvation, Making the Most of Your Life, Becoming More and More Like Jesus, Enjoying the Rest of Your Life, etc.

This "Journey" is available spiralbound or 3-hole punched. It can be ordered in NIV® or KJV.

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