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Journey Into Powerful Prayer (The Lord's Prayer)

Journey Into Powerful Prayer (The Lord's Prayer)


Do you ever feel like your prayers have no power? In the Lord's Prayer, Jesus gives us all the principles necessary to have a "journey into powerful prayer." Prayer is the most important thing we do because prayer can do anything God can do.

Lesson titles in this 13-lesson study include: Why Pray?, Powerful Prayer Principles, Getting Comfortable With God, Getting To Know God as "Father," God's Address, Making God's Name "Hallowed," Understanding God's Kingdom, Accomplishing God's Will on Earth, Winning Over Worry, Forgiving Those Who Hurt You, Turning Down Temptation, Four Things That Add Power to Our prayers, and How To Pray With Power.

This study is available in NIV® or KJV. It can be ordered spiralbound or 3-hole punched.

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