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Journey Into Christlikeness (Fruit of the Spirit)

Journey Into Christlikeness (Fruit of the Spirit)


This is a study of the Fruit of the Spirit as recorded in Galatians 5:22-23. The fruit of the Holy Spirit is really just a word picture of Jesus Christ. The nine components compose a trio of threes or a trinity within a trinity. The first trio relates to our relationship with God, the second trio to our relationships with other people, and the third trio to our relationship with ourselves.

Lesson titles in this 13-lesson study include: Becoming the Person God Wants You To Be, Building Healthy Relationships, Finding Joy Every Day, When You're All Stressed Out, The Paybacks of Patience, “Try A Little Kindness," Becoming a Good Person, Getting God To Bless Your Life, Being a Gentle Person, Getting Control of Your Life, Producing the Fruit of the Spirit, etc.

This study can be ordered in spiralbound or 3-hole punched. It is available in NIV® or KJV.

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