Journey Into Becoming A Contagious Christian (1 John)

Journey Into Becoming A Contagious Christian (1 John)


To become "contagious" Christians, we must be certain about the fundamentals of our faith. The book of First John tells us how to be certain of our faith in an uncertain world.

Lesson titles in this 13-lesson study include: Being Certain Jesus is the Son of God, How To Stay Close to God, How To Be Sure You Are a Christian, Turning Down Temptation, Identifying Antichrists, Can a True Christian Habitually Sin?, What Is True Love?, When You Don't Feel Like a Christian, Detecting a False Teacher, How Much Does God Love Us?, Overcoming All Your Troubles, etc.

This "Journey" is available spiralbound or 3-hole punched. It can be ordered in NIV® or KJV.


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