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Journey From the Beginning, Revised (Genesis 1-11)

Journey From the Beginning, Revised (Genesis 1-11)


How could there be light before the sun was created?" "What about the 'Big Bang'?" "What about dinosaurs?" "Where did Cain get his wife?" "How could people live for 900 years?" These intriguing questions and many others are answered in this 13-lesson study of Genesis 1-11.

Lesson titles include: Understanding Creation, What Does God's Creation of Conscious Life Teach Us?, The Origin of Humans, God's Ideal Marriage, Satan's Secret Strategy, Counting the Cost of Sin, How To Properly Worship God, Finding God's Favor, When God's Patience Runs Out, When God Seems Silent, Viewing the World Through God's Eyes, etc. Like all our "journeys," this study uses exposition plus question and answer format.
It can be ordered spiralbound or 3-hole punched. (Available in English Standard Version® or King James Version)

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