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10 Pack of Journey into the Spirit World - Youth Edition

10 Pack of Journey into the Spirit World - Youth Edition

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Based on our 13-lesson study, Journey Into The Spirit World, Revised, this 7-lesson study for youth focuses on spiritual realities everyone should know: Five foundational truths about God, Where did Satan come from and what does he do?, Who is the Holy Spirit and what does He do?, What does the Bible teach us about demons and how to deal with them?, What exactly are angels and what do they do?, How can I know the difference between an angel and a demon?, What will happen to me when I die?, What are the two eternal destinations for all people?, Where is heaven?, What is heaven like?, etc.

Each lesson is designed to be taught in 25 minutes with a graphic-driven PowerPoint® presentation. At the end of each lesson, there are break-out application questions dealing with everyday issues students face. This study is only sold in booklet form. The original study makes a great teacher's book to accompany this student book. (Available in English Standard Version® or King James Version)

TEACHERS, PLEASE NOTE: You will need either the packet of answers or the PowerPoint® CD to have all the answers to the questions in the student book.

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