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Journey Into Pleasing God, Revised (Hebrews Eleven)

Journey Into Pleasing God, Revised (Hebrews Eleven)


In this study of Hebrews eleven, God gives us a list of men and women who pleased Him through their faith. By studying these great heroes of faith, we discover everything God wants to do in and through us is by faith. Lesson titles include: How To Please God, Worship That Pleases God, Walking With God, Working for God, Making God Proud of You, How God Uses Ordinary People, Finishing the Faith Race Well, When Life Isn’t Fair, Making Good Decisions, Facing Your "Jerichos," Getting a Fresh Start With God, How To Experience Empowering Faith, and Winning the Race of Faith.

It can be ordered spiralbound or 3-hole punched. (Available in English Standard Version® or King James Version)

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