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Journey Into Building Spiritual Foundations - Youth Edition

Journey Into Building Spiritual Foundations - Youth Edition


This is a seven-lesson study to help teenagers become confident and competent using a hard copy of the Bible. Many students are using their smart phones and tablets more and their Bibles less. Questions answered in this study are: “Why is the Bible so important?,” “What should I know about the Bible?,” “Where in the Bible should I start reading?,” “What is the difference between the Old and New Testaments?,” “Why is the Bible organized as it is?,” “What are the gospels?,” “How can I apply the Old Testament to my life today?,” and much more.


Each lesson is designed to be taught in twenty-five minutes with a graphic-driven PowerPoint® presentation. At the end of each lesson, there are break-out application questions dealing with everyday issues students face. This study is sold only in booklet form. Journey Of A Lifetime (sold on page 27) is a great resource book for the teacher of this study. (Available in ESV® or KJV)

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